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Personal development doesn't have to be hard or expensive!

Sometimes you’re looking for support and you believe you’ve found what you need … only to realize that you can’t afford it. My service was founded on affordability and accessibility (I almost nearly won a startup grant based on this idea 7 years ago). And it is for this reason that I’ve always made it a point to be able to offer solutions that fits most wallet sizes. 

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Is a Life coaching bubble right for you?

Life coaching helps you work on any of the areas in your life where you feel the need for a change, or where change is happening. Either something new is happening to you, or something new is coming through you.

This is where you will work on both the being and the doing, shifting out of limiting beliefs and shifting into action. It’s an upgrade to the OS (operating system).

Joining, what I call, a “Coaching Bubble” or a Coaching Pod is not just an affordable way to get support, tools and coaching (priced at a fraction of my 1:1 fee), but it’s in some ways perhaps even more impactful, thanks to the fact that you’re also tapping into your bubble-friends’ diverse experiences and skills – multiplying the support and development!