Couples Coaching

Reconnect & Reinforce Your Romantic Relationship

Tools, support and COACHING to help you change and improve your personal relationships! Learn how to leverage the trinity of relationships to create healthy, respectful and lasting relationships that ADD rather then subtract!


– Do you experience problems and issues in your romantic relationship?
– Does it feel like you’re growing apart and wish to get closer together again, but don’t know HOW TO?
– Are you often finding yourself in heated arguments not knowing how to make it stop?
– Are you repeating old behaviours in NEW relationships (only to end up with) getting the same old, and feel it’s time for a change?
– Does it feel like your relationship are draining you rather then re-charging and energizing you?

Many of my clients struggle with how to resolve issues in their relationships without fighting, blaming, crying or avoidance, when all they want is to get things WORKING. Communication, responsibilities, expectations and emotions are poor, lacking or all over the place and it’s hard to know WHERE to START!

My goal is to help people improve their relationships achieving deeper understanding, respect and acceptance and seeing things for what they TRULY are.

I help provide people with simple, powerful and straight forward tools and methods to build and improve their relationships and better their communication.

Relationships Are Everything (And Everywhere)

All we are, is about relationships. Our relationship to our partner, parent, sibling, child or colleague, our relationship to the physical things all around us; to the table we’re sitting at, the ground or floor we’re resting our feet on, the relationship to the fabric against your body – it’s all about relationships. And the ONE relationship that binds them all together is the one you have with YOURSELF.

The relationship you have with yourself is the foundation of any and all other relationships around you.

This is why all my work I do with my clients is centered around the work with the self, together with the exploration and development of skills and characteristics that help facilitate healthy and sustainable relationships. I’ve also seen what an impact it has on ALL other relationships when only ONE person decides to change and improve her relationship with HERSELF – it only takes one.

What To Expect

Discover how a relationship can outlast any challenge or obstacle

Re-introduce joy and easiness into your relationship

Learn how to create a strong connection even during stressful and challenging times

See how you can make your relationship empower you rather then draining you

Not committing to anything at this time!

This is NOT Therapy

The Couples Coaching service is a different approach to couples counseling or couples therapy. This is relationship coaching based on infinite creative possibility. Anyone CAN change, if they WANT.

This program is very different from anything out there:
– No therapy
– It only takes ONE person
– Discreet, confidential and private
– Not stuck on past events, but focused on creative potential
– Less expensive and with infinite possibility (the average cost of couples therapy is $1500 for 12 weeks, and is typically stuck on the couple’s current issues created in the past).

This program invites and evokes REAL change and help create clarity and connection to oneself and others. This is a program you enter not to focus on the past (blaming, shaming, guilting finding fault) it’s about moving forward and creating WHAT it is your heart WANTS.

What happened in the past might have influenced where you are as a couple, but it doesn’t have to determine who you become as a couple.

If you could start it all over, what would you do? How would you do it it differently? The coaching session is a safe place of confidentiality and void of labels or judgments – it’s a place for honesty, openness and willingness. We access this state through the power of coaching which focus on taking action in the PRESENT MOMENT based on what you want to create for the FUTURE. It leaves out the story of the past and it avoids labels like “right or wrong”.

Not committing to anything at this time!

What to expect from coaching

No one needs a coach, but having one can transform your life. When you help someone change how they see the world, THEIR world changes.

Here’s what to expect when working with me:

  • Deep Coaching. We will have one couples session and one private 1:1 session for each partner per month (3 sessions in total/month). And each session will be around 90 minutes long allowing us to go deep and stay with whatever is present and relevant at the time.
  • Continuous Support. The coaching commitment is usually 3-6 months based on what we feel is a good fit. During our time together, you’ll have continuous and unlimited support and availability from me via email and instant messaging. 
  • Growthwork. In between our calls, you’ll be given growthwork (aka homework) which is designed to help deepen your development. Only action will lead to change.
  • Accountability. In working with me you will have a partner that will support and encourage you when you need it. I kind of consider myself a “hands-on” coach. 
  • 100% truth and candor. During our calls, I might offer my observations to help call out what you are not able to see or anyone else haven’t had the guts to tell you – all in the name of SERVING you and your relationship. 
  • Complete confidentiality. Our relationship is a safe space to share anything and everything. You’ll receive NO judgment from me. And during our 1:1 private sessions all is kept confidential and won’t be shared with your partner without your consent.
  • Personal transformation. The point of our relationship is not for me to tell you how or what to do, but to help you find your own path and your own solutions, creating a higher learning opportunity and a more sustainable change, based on you as a couple.

My job isn’t to answer my client’s questions. My job is to have my client ask BIGGER questions and live into them

– Adam Kawalec

When I meet someone interested in coaching, I ask them to tell me NOT about their list of complaints, but about their dreams and desires – what THEY WANT. (Not focusing on what’s “wrong”, but rather what would make it GREAT again). And then I help them leave their old stories behind and instead live into their dreams and wants and together create a fulfilling life based on openness, joy and love

I help my clients create empowered relationships with themselves and their partners.

Not committing to anything at this time!