My clients live life on THEIR terms

It’s not about fixing the problem, it’s about upgrading the OS, making the problem outdated and irrelevant.

You are someone who’s looking for more inspiration and JOY in life, thinking “there’s got to be more to life than this?”. You feel stuck or lost, not really knowing what’s the next step, or you are too scared to make the decision you know would SHIFT everything.

You’re a busy person, possibly a leader, freelancer or entrepreneur looking for balance and how to make a bigger IMPACT and stop trying to simply play “catch-up” on the things at work. It’s not just impact you’re looking to grow, but also your INCOME as a way to finally start living life the way you want.

Life and business can seem separate sometimes. Heck, we might even WANT to keep them separate. But they are NOT. Life isn’t a compartmentalized block of random areas to be MANAGED. Life is a beautiful (and sometimes a messy) interconnected flow of experiences that all together make up what we call “LIFE”. I believe it’s when we try and keep it separate that we make things much more complicated than it needs to be.

It is said that one of the biggest regrets of dying people is that they wish they’d lived life more on their terms, being more of who they are.

This isn’t going to be my regret. And it won’t be my clients regret either.

There’s a science of success and an art of fulfillment. It’s a science because it can be studied, modelled and replicated – success leaves clues. And there’s an art to fulfillment because it’s individual and in the eye of the beholder. 

Having success WITHOUT fulfilment is the worst kind of success. Because it’s to have IT ALL and yet be MISSING something. And this is when you start doubting yourself, thinking “there’s something wrong with ME”.

Well, I’m here to say it’s NOT. There’s nothing wrong with you. If anything,  what you’re experiencing is a powerful invitation to live life the way YOU want. Success is great. But only if we get to enjoy it. And it’s hard to enjoy something we can’t appreciate. The difference between someone who lives a successful life on THEIR terms and someone who isn’t, is knowing when enough is enough.

Only when we come from a place of fulfilment, living life in a most beautiful way, we can create any and all the success we want AND we will be able to enjoy it all so much more. The alternative is the endless pursuit of BIGGER, BETTER and MORE, and the all too familiar; “…when I have _________ then I’ll be happy”.

I believe that if nothing changes nothing changes. And if we want something we don’t have we must be willing to do something we are not.

This is what my clients have realized and what they’ve committed to doing. Not for me, but for THEMSELVES. My clients have woken up to the understanding that the most important relationship in life is the one you have with yourself. And filling your own cup and keeping it full isn’t about selfishness but rather about altruism, service and LOVE.

When there is MORE of you, there’s more of YOU to GIVE.

This is how we get to do business and make an impact. And this is how we get to build loving and healthy relationships and make an impact. This is how we get to live life on our own terms, and how we get to enjoy the journey playing the game of life.

When I meet someone interested in coaching, I ask them to tell me about their dreams and what THEY want. (Not what others want them to do, be or have. Not what society is saying they MUST or SHOULD want). And then I help them live into their dreams and wants to create a fulfilling life based not on stuff, shoulds or musts, duty or guilt, but based on who they truly are and who they want to be(come).

Are you ready to be(come) you?

If you want to be like everyone else, and you don’t wish to rock the boat, you are in the wrong place.

Because some of the results and outcomes I help my clients create is an empowered relationship with themselves. And this is often achieved by showing up for themselves and start living up to the standards they have set for themselves. This leads to an empowered life lived on your own terms.

Fulfillment is achieved when you become more of who you are, and when you find ways to express your uniqueness with the world. And I believe that everything receives an upgrade when we bring more of ourselves into it; business, relationships, adventures, joy and love.

There’s living life fulfilled, and then there’s playing the game of life. Living life fulfilled is what will have you appreciate what you have and have you show up as the love/force you are. And playing the game of life is about realizing that you get to be part of something bigger than yourself, if you want. The game of life is everything that we do “out there” in the world. It’s the roles we get to play; a parent, a partner, a friend, a colleague, a daughter or a success etc.

Everytime you forget about the game of life, and you think that who you are is what you do, you’ll become attached to the role you play and things take on a more serious nature. 

If you think that who you are is what you do, then no wonder that you feel down and sad when things don’t go your way at work or when someone says “no” to your sales proposal or criticizes your work. Your self image is attached to what you do, and so is your self worth. And your life is now being played out on everyone else’s terms. 

I’m here to tell you that you are not what you do. You are far bigger than that. You are something way cooler than that. You are you, and you are infinite creative possibility.

We get to play the game of life so that we can experience growth, and to contribute to the people around us making an impact. We don’t have to. We get to (there’s appreciation and gratefulness in this realization).

I’m an expert in transformational and lasting change, creating clarity and confidence

My clients tell me that love that I believe in them. They love that I take a stand for THEM, even when they themselves are not. They love that I see the best in them and that I hold them accountable to this version of themselves in my words and (inter)actions. I do not buy into their STORIES. Instead I have them author the story they want rather than reporting on the world. 

When you help someone see their world differently, their world changes.

My clients have been top level leaders and CEO’s, mothers and fathers, entrepreneurs and business owners, instagram influencers and teachers, super models and role models, and they are all humans first. And I have a deep understanding of the human mind and nature. When we upgrade the OS (you) we make every other program or app run much smoother than before (and some apps even becomes obsolete). 

Doesn’t matter if you are looking to increase your income and impact in business or if your wanting to improve your relationship or your communication skills, YOU being YOU is the most powerful and sustainable place to come from.

It starts with you

If you don’t know who you are, there’s a risk that you become someone else, and you might not even like the person you’ve become. Because there’s no lack of people in the world ready to tell you who THEY want you to be for THEM. 

But this is not the way to a fulfilling life and a life lived on your terms without one of the biggest deathbed regrets. 

Instead, I’m here to help you take charge in life and in business, through self-leadership, and have you see beyond the biggest misunderstanding there is; that life is an external event happening TO us rather then FOR us. I’ll help you live life more fulfilled, and to play the game of life with more joy and excitement. I’ll help you see what you TRULY are and have you step into that version of yourself. I’ll help you become a beacon of light for others to turn to in times of chaos.

You are (or want to become) a leader in life or in business (or both) and you want to feel more meaning, joy and freedom – to be happier and to wake up excited looking forward to starting the day. You are ready to let go of your old story and be free to start living the life that’s been waiting for you (the one you could only have once you have ________.)

If this is you, we should talk.

More Ways To Work With Me

Here’s more ways I can help you take charge in life and in business and break free from conventional (and limiting) thinking in order to thrive:

1-on-1 Coaching – My most intimate service and the kind of experience you’re looking for when you want the FULL package of coaching, support, accountability and sustainable change.

What you get:

  • – 6×90 minutes sessions every second week
  • – 3-6 months of coaching, with unlimited access to me
  • – Personalized homework to support your development
  • – An accountability partner who will help keep you on track
  • – 100% truths and honesty and of course complete confidentiality
  • – A service completely tailored after YOUR agenda and your goals
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Relationship Coaching – Group Program. If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together…

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Launch Your Business – 6 Week Coaching Program. If your thinking of starting your own business or if your looking to BOOST your current BIZ this is the PERFECT coaching program for you.

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