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80% of all newly started businesses are out of business within five years. This is a shame. Running your own business is one of the best ways to express your personal uniqueness and to make an impact in the world. So I am here to put a dent in that statistic.

- Adam

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Clubhouse Room

Join me on Clubhouse where we discuss, teach and share about building an authentic business so you can get paid doing what you love.

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Leverage the power of accountability and affordability in a small and intimate group coaching program on par with my 1:1 programs.

1-on-1 coaching

Work together with me and receive bespoke coaching helping you run and grow a purposeful and profitable business getting paid doing what you love.

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Sustainability Mentoring

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About me

Adam Kawalec

A former top-level manager turned Life Coach. Co-founder and teacher of a unique Personal Trainer School specialized in sustainable change, influencing thousands of Swedes to improve their health and well-being.

I used to be overweight over-worked and over-stressed, lacking any real connection and healthy relationships, feeling tired and depressed. That was before I decided to stop struggle to survive and start living to thrive. My life transformed. Not over night. Although some things did shift from one moment to the other. 

I use my superpower of bringing clarity and simplicity to otherwise complicated and confusing ideas and understandings, and I help evoke the innate confidence in the people I meet. I put these powers to use in all of my coaching, training, speaking and workshops to help people open their minds, transform their lives and businesses.


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What People say

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When you change how you see the world, your world will change. When a new thought happens it invites you to see things differently – this is the power of one coaching conversation. 

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How is this FREE? I am not an online marketer focusing on volumes of traffic and conversion. No, I slow it down and focus on conversations with the human being in front of me, one at a time. 

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My intention here is for you to experience my coaching and to have some new insights so you can decide if my coaching is right for you - no strings attached.

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If you decide that ongoing coaching and support is helpful for you to achieve your goals, I will let you know what working together would look like - with your permission.

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read & Watch my blog

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