Only Three Things matter

What are the key ingredients to live a full and happy life? I found this lovely quote, which got me thinking, about what really matters in life.  

“In the end, only three things matter: How much you loved, how gently you lived, and how gracefully you let go of things not meant for you”

Here are my thoughts on the matter.

How much you loved: Well, some of the best things in life is love, so of course love is a wonderful way of living. Love thrive in happiness, it grows strong and gives power to love even more. To love and to be loved is one of the most basic needs we have. Love is a wonderful thing to know and to feel, it makes life worth living. Love yourself, love others and love both unconditionally. Real love is without boundaries, without expectations and without conditions. And to be able to give this unconditional love you need first to love yourself. So in life it will be important that you learn to love yourself, because you will never be able to love someone completely and unconditionally before you do. And when you reach this level of love, you will have a rich and fulfilling life, you will be content with who you are and you are ready to share the love with anyone who wants it.

How gently you lived: Compassion, and the universal law of nature not to take more than you give. To be a part of all life on earth means to live by the universal law of nature; to not take more than you give back. There is a point to live a gentle life, to. With great power comes great responsibility. The human brain is a marvellous thing, it is one of our greatest strengths but it is also one of our biggest weaknesses. Our neocortex (our brain) gave us our self-consciousness, and with that we became the centre of the universe. We have a tendency to see us as the rightful owners of planet earth, and we treat this home as if all other inhabitants are trespassing on our property. This is wrong for so many reasons, and this is a horrible waste of potential; the potential that we humans have, with our intelligence, our hands and our self-consciousness. So I therefore think that in the end of it all, what matters is how compassionate and gentle we have lived, as cohabitants on this planet, our home.

How gracefully you let go: The main, and biggest reason for all our suffering, our inability to let go. All our personal suffering got to do with us not letting go.

What we need to let go of is our expectations and fantasies we have about much of the things going on in our life. It is the expectations and fantasies we have about life or things in general and our inability to accept life as it is that causes our suffering. And suffer we do. Without going too deep into this subject in this post (there will be another post for that), I would still like to clarify what I mean:

If your car breaks down on your way to work, you could get angry. You’ll probably get angry with the car or someone else who you think is responsible for the car breaking down. This is a most common reaction. But what I propose instead, is a more zen-like response; to let go of the ideal of our car not breaking down. Let go of the expectation of a fully functioning car – because it’s not! It is our inability to accept life as it is rather than how I want it to be, that creates our suffering. But let go of the expectation of an ever functioning car and see the situation for what it is in this moment and you can instead focus on the solution and be “kvitt” of your suffering, your anger.

The truth is that we have no control over life, over other people we, but we  can only control ourselves, our mind and our actions. And by taking control of our expectations, fantasies and ideals, we can affect our feelings and ultimately our actions.  own mind and our way of thinking, and our own actions. And therein lies the path to a more peaceful life a life of contentment and happiness, through acceptance and the ability of letting go.

My final thoughts. 

These are all very good values and beliefs to live by, and they have stood strong through millennia of human history as being noble and true values. If you found these values resonating well with you, you should make an effort of aligning your life accordingly. Doing so will invite much more purpose and satisfaction into your life, setting an intention for the life you lead. And in the end it will help you live a fulfilling life of happiness. 

If none or only some of these values resonate with you, you can still make yourself the same fulfilling life of happiness, but only by finding the values that do resonate well with you, and live by them. Finding the values that resonates with you and aligning your thoughts, actions and feelings with them, will create a life of happiness – no matter what values you live by, as long as you are true to yourself.

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