I mean, I was doing great; I had a great career, I was making great money, I was in a great shape, I had great many things – so how come I didn’t feel so so very great?!

Victor Frankl, psychologist and author of the classic Man’s search for meaning, and also a holocaust survivor, believed that people need a REASON to be happy. He believed that we all need to have a sense of purpose and meaning.

This is also what Dan Buettner discovered in his National Geographics funded Blue Zones Study, where they studied where in the world we have to most people living the longest, and why. The saw that one of the biggest factors for the longevity of people on the Island of Okinawa, was that they all had an “Ikigai”, which means purpose or meaning in Japanese.

I too believe this is important for our sense of joy and happiness. and here’s how I overcame my unhappiness…

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