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Helping you gain clarity, take action & break free

If you change nothing, nothing will change. About 90% of your thinking is recycled thoughts from the day before. It means that at best your day today will be 10% better than yesterday. At best, your life will be 10% better than it is right now unless you break the cycle and disengage the autopilot.

What can I help you with?

I am stuck, lost and not sure how to move forward

You know that you lack purpose when where you are is not who you are. Not having a direction will lead to overwhelm and procrastination.

I help you uncover your purpose and direction in life.

I have dreams and ambitions that I want help with making a reality

Most times you don’t get what you want. You get what you’re are. Prosperity is the outcome of an abundant mindset.

I help you align your being with your doing enabling you to get what you truly want.

I want to have more joy, peace and freedom in life

True filfilment and happiness comes from you becoming who you are, and sharing your gifts with the world.

I help you step into your essential self and unleash your unconditional love

What coaching can do

You'll learn how to ...


Eliminate confusion, angst and fear. Through clarity the unknown becomes known, makes things simple and lends confidence

Cultivate Presence

Develop emotional intelligence, mental fitness and focus to achieve true inner peace and welcome any circumstance

Accept Self-leadership

Focus on what you can control, accepting ownership of your thoughts, words and actions leads to effective action and greater outcome

Sustain your transformation

Besides learning tools and techniques most of the growth is happening within yourself - leading to lasting change

Change won't work unless you do ...

I've been there ..

I have been in a place of depression and desperation, feeling stuck, unmotivated and lacking the confidence to do much about it. It’s that experience that become my “becoming” – the moment I stepped into the person I am today.

You see, most of the time we’re only willing to change when the pain is too big or the desire is greater than the fear of the unknown. What I have discovered is that you can transform any situation at any given moment. No need to hit rock bottom or long for something so badly that you’re willing to do anything.

There’s a science to change, transformation and breakthroughs. It’s a science that I have studied, experienced personally and have built a career on. I believe that sustainable change is achievable when we stay in our comfort zone. When we take small but consistent steps towards what is truly for us.  


What People say


Hyo Jin

Chief Experience Curator, Bali

“[Adam] can help you enrich and transform your life […] so you can live the life you always wanted.”



Social Worker, UK

“Adam [helped] me to get clear on my goals and connect with my heart. A truly life enhancing coaching!”



Health Coach, USA

“Adam has a remarkable talent in empowering people in making lasting changes.”



CEO of KindTail, USA

“Working with Adam has made me happier, more focused and motivated. I learn something new every time I talk to Adam.”


Adam Kawalec

A former top-level manager turned Life Coach. Co-founder and teacher of a unique Personal Trainer School specialized in sustainable change, influencing thousands of Swedes to improve their health and well-being.

I used to be overweight over-worked and over-stressed, lacking any real connection and healthy relationships, feeling tired and depressed. That was before I decided to stop struggle to survive and start living to thrive. My life transformed. Not over night. Although some things did shift from one moment to the other. 

I use my superpower of bringing clarity and simplicity to otherwise complicated and confusing ideas and understandings, and I help evoke the innate confidence in the people I meet. I put these powers to use in all of my coaching, training, speaking and workshops to help people open their minds, transform their lives and businesses.

My Manifesto

I am not like other coaches

I know that you are the kind of person who want to have more joy, meaning and freedom in life. And in order for you to achieve that you need to learn how to take action and break free from your current situation. The problem is that without a direction, a sense of purpose – not even knowing where to start makes it hard. Which makes you feel overwhelmed, stuck, insecure and possibly depressed.

I believe that all you you we already have – only when where you are is not who you are you will experience this tension this negative experience – this suffering. My own suffering was due to me not living life on my own terms. I know what it feels like to want what you don’t have and not knowing how to achieve it.

This is why I have specialized in behavioral psychology, the human mind and sustainable change in my coaching methodology so that I can help end suffering and elevate personal freedom.

Here’s how it works, through gaining clarity, taking effective action and cultivating presence and focus you can finally free yourself and make the change that will last.

So get on a call with me this week, so you can stop the hamster wheel, disengage the autopilot and begin living life on your terms and enjoying the game of life.

How it works?

3 steps away from transformation

Let's explore if & how I can help

When you change how you see the world, your world will change. When a new thought happens it invites you to see things differently – this is the power of one coaching conversation. 

Ready to start?

Get on a free call with me where I bring my best tools and coaching to help create some clarity or action around your situation

All queries are replied within 24hrs.

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How is this FREE? I am not an online marketer focusing on volumes of traffic and conversion. No, I slow it down and focus on conversations, one at a time. 

Get on the call

My intention here is for you to experience my coaching and to have some new insights so you can decide if my coaching is right for you - no strings attached.

You decide what's next

If you decide that ongoing coaching and support is helpful for you to achieve your goals, I will let you know what working together would look like - with your permission.

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