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Is Coaching Right For You?

Wait. Before you answer or seek to find an answer to the above question, let’s quickly explore what coaching is first. Ok?

I find it easiest to first start with what coaching ISN’T. Coaching is not therapy. Coaching is not consulting and advice giving. Coaching isn’t hokus pokus.

Coaching is a real thing, and a real skill and service. Coaching isn’t ONE thing. And some of the best way that I know how to describe coaching is to point towards what coaching can help create. Coaching isn’t about me, it’s about you. Your agenda, your goals and dreams and your readiness and capabilities.

Coaching focuses on possibility, insight and action in the present moment to help create the future you desire. Where therapy often can focus on past traumas before one can move forward, and consulting is based on “proven solutions” and “know-how” neither modalities might be effective for YOU and your goals under your CIRCUMSTANCES.

Coaching help you break free from the old story and limiting belief systems, and it helps you see that there’s ALWAYS a choice. Coaching help you define what success looks like to you and have you align with what (truly) serves you.

In my coaching, in my world, there’s no right or wrong, no good or bad. To me those expressions are mere labels and are very subjective and based on personal preference and perspective – which can be a highly fickle thing to use as a navigation system.

In working with me, there are no judgments. There’s me and you. Pure and simple. And I will be standing for YOU. I will believe in you even when you might not. I will see the best in you and I will call forth that version of you in all of our interactions. I will hold you accountable to your own infinite creative possibility and potential.

Now, you tell me, is coaching right for you?

What To Expect From Coaching

No one needs a coach, but having one can transform your life. When you help someone change how they see the world, THEIR world changes.

Here’s what to expect when working with me:

Deep Coaching. We will meet once every week or every second week depending on how we decide to co-create your journey. And each session will be around 90 minutes allowing us to go deep and stay with whatever is present and relevant.

Continuous Support. The coaching commitment is usually 3-6 months based on what we feel is a good fit. During our time together, you’ll have continuous and unlimited support and availability from me via email and instant messaging.

Growthwork. In between our calls, you’ll be given growthwork (aka homework) which is designed to help deepen your development. Only action will lead to change.

Accountability. In working with me you will have a partner that will support and encourage you when you need it. I kind of consider myself a “hands-on” coach.

Complete confidentiality. Our relationship is a safe space to share anything and everything. You’ll receive NO judgment from me.

Personal transformation. The point of our relationship is not for me to tell you how or what to do, but to help you find your own path and your own solutions, creating a higher learning opportunity and a more sustainable change.

My job isn’t to answer my client’s questions. My job is to have my client ask BIGGER questions and live into them


When I meet someone interested in coaching, I ask them to tell me about their dreams and what THEY want. (Not what others want them to do, be or have. Not what society is saying they MUST or SHOULD want). And then I help them live into their dreams and wants to create a fulfilling life based not on stuff, “should’s” or “must’s”, duty or guilt, but based on who they truly are and who they want to be(come).

I help my clients live an empowered life lived on their own terms.

Is My Coaching Right For You?

The power of coaching lies in the powerful relationship that is created between the two of us. That, and the fact that I bring ZERO baggage to our conversations. I will see you as a blank canvas with endless possibilities. And I will have you ask BIGGER questions and live into the answers.

There’s no lack of coaches out there, and not everyone is a good fit for you. And if anything from the following list resonates with you I believe that my coaching would be a good fit for you and look forward to having a coaching conversation with you:

  • You’re ready for change (and tired of playing small)
  • You’re looking for more meaning in life.
  • You want to create new positive habits.
  • You find yourself on autopilot instead of living life on your terms.
  • You want to improve your relationships, based on respect, joy and love.
  • You’re looking to increase your income and impact in your business or role.
  • You are ready to show vulnerability, authenticity and get a little bit uncomfortable (all in the service of growth)!
  • You are willing to invest time, energy and money in yourself.
  • You are ready to take action and create results.

How To Get Started?

I’ve worked with top level leaders, CEO’s, mothers, fathers, entrepreneurs, business owners, instagram influencers, teachers, supermodels and role models. And what they all have in common is that they all just want to be happy. And what’s delivered the success they desired have been to be more of who they ARE, aligning with their true self and the best version of themselves.

I work with only a few clients at a time. And they are people who are willing to make a change, and to make a real difference in their lives. They are people who are tired of playing small and holding themselves back, and are now ready to unleash their passion, potential and purpose and step into their zone of genius. They want more out of life. More out of their relationships. More out of their careers (than just money). They want to matter and they want to live life fully.

If this sounds like you, we should have a talk.

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