Get It Right Audio Course - Lesson #5


Welcome back to the Get Life Right Audio Series, a 5-part course on how to get what you want and how to handle it when you don’t. This is the final lesson, and we’re putting it all together, building from all the previous lessons, putting motivation on speed dial and eliminating the need for willpower.

Throughout my career in high performance and change management I have studied the science of willpower.

I even co-founded a unique and internationally recognized personal trainer school in Sweden teaching this stuff.

And then … I had an insight, an understanding that you don’t need to rely on willpower at all. In fact, using willpower might be the last strategy that you want to employ!

I am a big proclaimer of growth inside your comfort zone.

I don’t belong to the camp of coaches and experts that all tell you that your reward can only be found outside your comfort zone – that you need to be comfortable with the uncomfortable in order to be successful.

I do things a little differently.

I believe that love, inspiration and intrinsic motivation (inner motivation) are more powerful than force, punishment and external push.

I believe that you are the creator of it all – your whole life experience.

And so I have wanted you to see, throughout this email course and by joining the GIRA, that life can be lived differently than you first might have thought.

That life is a journey not a destination and that you can build the emotional and psychological fitness that you need for living life with more fun and ease.

When you recognize that you always have a choice, and that you’re constantly making them, you gain access to instant motivation;

Seeing what it is that you care about, and what it is that you’re trying to avoid (remember the musts and shoulds?)

Understanding that you can direct your mind, your thoughts, your feelings and positively influence your actions, you can put that motivation to good use; 

That you can change the meaning of what is happening to you, and that you can rewrite the stories that you tell yourself.

And this shifts the whole experience of life for you.

This is how we get life right … 

Now, today’s final lesson is to better understand how you can take inspired action and do more of what you want to do.

Here’s a hard truth; you only need motivation for stuff you don’t want to do … The rest gets done. Right?

I want you to have an inner drive to do the things you want to do … When you do what you want to do … they get done – it’s that easy!

It is important that you feel good. And so when you have a sensation, a feeling of heaviness it is an indicator that something is off.

If you are considering doing something or trying to muster up the energy to get it done … Slow down, and check in with your feelings and thoughts. 

Observe the meaning or story that is attached to the task at hand.

Are you seeing it as a must or a should?

Ask yourself, “What would it look like if it was easy?” 

If it was easy to get this done, what would that look like? What would need to happen? 

You can try asking yourself, “Is there a pull or a push towards this?

If you feel pulled towards it, it might be for you.

If you feel there’s a push, perhaps it’s not for you right now.

Does it feel light or heavy thinking about doing this thing?

Perhaps the way you’re approaching this task isn’t the best way for you?

When I wanted to get back into running again after some time away from it …

One day I had the thought that perhaps I should go for a run.

But I didn’t that day. Why?

Because clearly I wasn’t running. I was simply thinking about it … It was not yet integrated and intrinsically motivated.

If I would have wanted to run, I would have just run, right?

My experience was more like a “should”.

So I waited. And another few weeks went by where the thought of running came back in my mind, and I just allowed it to visit. I was gentle with it, compassionate with it.

And finally one day, not long after the first thought of going on a run had appeared, I told myself, I am running today.

I got dressed, tied my running shoes on my feet, got outside and I ran!

No willpower needed.

No motivation needed.

I ran because I wanted to.

It felt great. I enjoyed every second of it.

And the next day I did it again.

And again, and again.

It became one of my most consistent running streaks that I’ve ever had.

I quietly said to myself, “try stopping me”.

This is the kind of level of action-taking that you want to bring into anything that you do in life. Life doesn’t have to be so heavy, serious or hard.

Life is easy.

Here’s your assignment for today.

Think of a time or an activity where you forced yourself to get something done. What was the experience?

What was the outcome of that? How happy were you with the result and the experience?

Did it truly serve you? Did it add to your life? Did your life get enriched from the experience?

Now, think about something that you want to do for yourself in the future some time.

What would it look like if it was easy?

What version of that thing would feel fun and exciting?

Why does the activity matter to you? How is this adding to the experience of your life?

Does it feel light or heavy? Is there a pull or a push?

Knowing what you know about the activity now, what is the next step of integrity?

What are you being pulled towards doing from a place of alignment with your values and your higher self?

Do that.

You have my permission.

Live life on your terms.

Go out there and get life right.

Congratulations on completing the Get It Right Audio Series! 

It is my sincere hope that you have had some great insights and aha-moments and that the assignments at the end of each lesson has helped you implement some of the teachings in the series.

I am grateful for you taking the time to finish my audio series. 

And what’s more is that I hope that you yourself (or at least your future self) is thankful for the time and attention that you put into going through this audio series and completing the assignments.

If we haven’t already connected on WhatsApp or on LinkedIn, then now is a great time to do so. Let me know your biggest takeaways, your feedback or your challenges and let’s keep the conversation going.

I look forward to getting to know you better.

Talk more soon, 

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