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Tools, support and COACHING to help gain clarity, take charge, break free and thrive. Learn how to find happiness and make it last.

(SPOILER ALERT. It's created! And this program will show you how.)


  • Have you been longing to finally get to that place of feeling happy and satisfied, but feel stuck in life or at work and thinking there should be more to life than this?
  • Does it feel like no matter how many books or TED Talks you listen to; no matter how much money you make; or how many vacations you go on; promotions you get or gadgets you buy you simply can't FIND and SUSTAIN the feeling of being HAPPY?
  • Are you feeling stuck in your relationship? Is your time together spent fighting and talking AT each other rather than WITH each other, and is love or intimacy missing in your everyday routine?
  • Are you starting to think that you'd be better off by throwing in the towel selling everything you own, let the house of cards fall and hopp on a plane to go live on a beach somewhere in the world living on coconuts and bananas? (My EXACT way of doing it - and I don't recommend it!!)

If so, I want to share something I’m super excited about and that I know is a game changer for people like us.


You Are Here

Discover your happiness

Monthly Group Coaching Program

This is my annual and ongoing group coaching program, based on the SUCCESSFUL work I’ve done with hundreds of clients 1:1 or in groups and workshops. The past 6 years I’ve been coaching and training entrepreneurs and individuals looking to create more balance and joy in life, by taking the lead in life and business. Before that I worked as a top-level manager at IKEA. I’m also the co-founder of one of Sweden’s most modern Personal Trainer schools.

This is a monthly OPEN group program that you join twice a month to get the coaching, support and tools you need to help you on your journey to getting more out of life, and start living life on your own terms.

This LIVE, guided and coached transformational journey (within) includes:

  • A monthly template you can apply to your life right away – All my best tools and frameworks for creating a life of joy and freedom!
  • A monthly learning resource (article, video, podcast) exploring the topic of the month.
  • PLUS a private Facebook community for EXTRA accountability and support inside this super intimate group so you can celebrate your wins and get support in your struggles.

If you’re anything like me, I know that you have read plenty of books, watched hours of online content, purchased your fair share of DIY courses all in the pursuit of MAKING IT. And for that very reason I have created this program to be a intimate coaching experience and companion on your journey to personal transformation. Which is why there are 2 live calls each month with the group, where we take a deeper dive into topics related to happiness, relationships, meaningfulness and life balance. Calls are shaped by you and each call includes a component of group and/or individual coaching.

Two Mondays each month, International Life Coach and Certified Online Business Manager Adam Kawalec hosts the YOU ARE HERE (YAH) group program.

It’s a place of connection, coaching and focus on where you want your life to grow and thrive!


  • You've tried "it all", but can't figure out how to build the life you've always wanted.
  • You feel stuck and lost, lacking passion and purpose in life.
  • You might not know WHAT you WANT, but you know it's not THIS!
  • You feel there's an untapped potential living inside you (slowly dying) that's longing to come out and play
  • You are willing to be coached and recieve support from me and your fellow tribe, AND you are willing to GIVE support and CELEBRATE your tribe's challenges and wins!
  • You're willing to let go of the old "story" of who you used to be, and commit to stepping into the empowering story of the "real" you.
  • You Are ready to take ACTION (instead of staying in INACTION), and willing to commit both time and money to finally create the life you want!

Where are you heading?

And is that where you want to go?

At some point, we shall all arrive. The question is, in what way have you traveled there? This program is not about the destination but the journey, making the most out of what we have and creating more of what we want.

It’s not ONE MORE THING TO DO, it’s a whole new way of being.

For only $100 (USD) per month you get coached every second week by Adam Kawalec, in all topics about life. It’s a place for you to bring your dreams and desires and to get support to make them come alive.  

If this speaks to you, I invite you to hop on a 15-minute call with me to explore if joining the group coaching program is right for you.


You access the coaching calls via Zoom video calls, through the link sent with your subscription. The call’s are about 75 minutes designed to provide a coaching experience and to help you make progress towards what you want in life.

Every second Monday starting with the first Monday every month at time zone … If you can’t attend you are always welcome to join the next call two weeks later. No refunds are given for any missed calls.

At the beginning of the month before the first call, you will receive the monthly template designed to support you for that month in the theme of the month. PLUS you’ll receive an additional resource, often a video, article or audio file to help deepen the understanding of the theme of the month. (This is usually material produced by Adam Kawalec, and but will sometimes include material from other people)

If you attend your first call and feel it’s not for you we’ll refund your money no questions asked. We do not offer money back for any missed calls.

In the case of a low number of participants, you’re simply going to be given more time and space to be coached. The monthly calls will run as scheduled no matter the number of participants, unless an unforeseen event.

Before you do, I invite you to get on a quick call with me to make sure this program really is for you. Schedule your call here: https://calendly.com/adamkawalec/yah-15min

You can voice your questions at the free call that I invite all members to, or you can reach out to me by emailing me at: adam@adamkawalec.com

Get Unstuck & Stop Procrastinating:

10 minutes of video. A lifetime of transformation.

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