Learn how to practice and finally master relational selling and how to get people on a call with you. No scripts, no tricks … Just you being authentically you with confidence and a bit of playfulness.

SPOILER ALERT, don’t look for clients, look for ways to be helpful …

Now, I know that you have probably tried this before (or a version of this); to be helpful.

In fact you’ve tried a lot of different things in the pursuit of getting more clients …

And still no takers. Nothing but crickets and a lot of loose threads leading nowhere.

I might have something that can help you …

I will not promise you miracles here, in fact I will not promise you anything (it would simply be dishonest of me …). 

Well, one thing I can promise, I will be honest and direct in all my communication with you AND I will look for ways to be incredibly helpful to you.

I would love to invite you to join my LIVE interactive webinar helping you to improve and increase your skills and chances for lining up more people to get on a call with you, so that  you can dazzle them with your gifts and impactful offers.

There are no blueprints or roadmaps to this, but there are some universal principles at play that can be applied.

On the LIVE webinar training I will help you discover …

It’s LIVE with me, and so I will be there to teach, support and coach you to handle your individual challenges and I am making room for a lengthy Q&A so that we can go deep.

Because it’s a LIVE and highly interactive training I’ve limited the number of seats to this webinar to only six seats per session (luckily I have committed to hosting this training LIVE every second month … so if you can get in this time you can join the next one).

Since this is a LIVE workshop no recording will be provided. My intention is for participants to get an high-touch experience and support working on their goals and challenges which can only be achieved when showing up LIVE.

If you purchased a ticket but can’t attend send an email to contact(a)adamkawalec.com and we’ll sort it out.

About me and the system & principles that I teach:

I work as a coach and freedom architect supporting personal and professional growth inside the comfort zone.

I am a teacher and a student of change. And the co-founder of an internationally recognized personal trainer school helping and influencing thousands of Swedes in making sustainable change every year.

In my own work working with internationally recognised coaches, and in the work I’ve done in over 3000h of coaching supporting entrepreneurs, coaches, athletes, influencers, NGOs and moms I’ve discovered and developed principles that lead to real connection delivering value and making a difference.

Based on the science of human behaviour and how the mind works I help you get what you want and handle it when you don’t, without having to sacrifice your work- life- or bank balance.

Full disclosure:
I will deliver my very best on the call, helping you get more people onto a call with you. And if that’s not enough, or if you want more support growing your heart-centered business, I will give a quick way for you to apply for a free call with me for us to assess your unique situation and create some momentum and action-taking.

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10am PST | 1pm EST | 6pm UK time.

Next Webinar:

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@ 10am PST | 1pm EST | 6pm UK time.

Length of LIVE webinar: 90 minutes