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Date: 24th May 2020
Location: Stockholm
Address: TBD Stockholm
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Life Is Easy!

How to live life on your own terms, having more joy, meaning and freedom!


10:00-17:30 (Local time)

Includes lunch break 1h & additional smaller breaks


This is a intimate event with a maximum of 20 participants


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Adam unlocks a higher understanding of what leads to more fulfillment in life and how to create it for one self together with powerful interactive exercises and live coaching making the workshop powerful and transformational experience, designed to help you achieve your personal goals.

More and more people report feeling depressed, anxious and unmotivated – life seems lacking any luster or joy. Many go through life on autopilot asking; is this it?

I know how this feels. I used to be stuck in that place myself.

Many years ago I was working as a top-level manager at IKEA, healthy, fit and making good money – on the outside it all looked perfect. On all accounts I should have been happy. So how come I wasn’t?

I used to be depressed and stressed, quick to (over)react and easily frustrated. I was bored and unhappy with the life I was living, and I was hoping for more. More meaning. More joy. More freedom.

Since then I have learnt how to create more of it all in my own life, and through the work I do as a coach and teacher I’ve helped hundreds of people do the same.

Having success without fulfillment is the worst kind of success – having it all and yet be missing something. And this is when I realized that I wasn’t going to find on the outside what could only be found on the inside. I discovered that happiness is an inside job, and it was time to stop outsourcing it.

Introducing my very first international workshop where I will help you discover your personal success and fulfillment, living life on your terms.

With a combination of the latest research in psychology, behavioral science, habit forming, motivation and stress management, I have developed a system and tools to help individuals redefine success and fulfillment finally making it an achievable and lasting goal.

I have helped hundreds of people transform their lives through my system and tools. I help people achieve life fulfillment by designing a personal roadmap to spend more time and resources on what truly matters in life.

This workshop will help you do the work that I do with my VIP 1:1 clients, creating a personal blueprint for fulfillment and creating an action plan to achieve it. This is a highly engaging workshop over 6 hours where you gain higher understanding about yourself, life and how the human mind works, and you will guided in the exercises to help you create your personal action plan going transforming your dreams to achievable goals.

What you will learn

Take control of your personal goals and dreams

Go from inaction to being IN ACTION

Get to know yourself better and learn what drives you

Leverage your strengths and have more fun

Create a personal blueprint for fulfillment

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