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Date: 16th May 2020
Location: Berlin
Address: TBD Berlin
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Life Is Easy! The Art Of Getting Life Right.

How to live life on YOUR terms achieving personal success and fulfilment and having more meaning, joy and freedom in life!


Gain clarity and confidence to connect and prioritize what matter the most to YOU. Make a stand for yourself and start showing up for yourself. We can probably have ANYTHING, just not everything.


Do more of what makes you happy! Wake up excited to start the day, and have more peace and harmony throughout your days. Learn to live life to the fullest realizing that only a few things matters in life.


See how everything we do is by choice, and learn how to take charge and take control of your choices. Discover how you can achieve personal success and fulfilment living life on YOUR terms.


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What you will learn

Take control of your personal goals and dreams

Go from inaction to being IN ACTION

How to navigate conflicts and challenging people

Generate more energy and relieve stress and anxiety

Learn effective and proven strategies to get sh*t done

Leverage your strengths and have more fun

Create a personal roadmap for success and fulfilment


10:00-17:30 (Local time)

Includes lunch break 1h & additional smaller breaks


This is a intimate event with a maximum of 20 participants


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*This event is being filmed as part of a documentary. And by purchasing tickets you agree to be filmed giving Endres Kawalec Group the rights to use the footage at their own discretion. [More info here]

Many years ago I was working as a top-level manager at IKEA, healthy, fit and making good money – on the outside it all looked perfect. On all accounts I should have been happy. So how come I wasn’t?

There are two dimensions to life;

1) Living life, with presence and integrity, and
2) The game of life, all the roles we get to have in life

Anytime we forget that life out there is a game we’ll feel heaviness and seriousness, and we think WHAT WE DO is who we ARE. And when things get tough at work or we’re rejected or we get critiqued we feel down and stressed, unhappy and perhaps even depressed because we make it about OURSELVES.

There’s a science to Success. And it’s a science because it can be studies and replicated. As Tony Robbins say, “Success leaves clues”. And then there’s the art of fulfillment. And it’s an artform because it’s based on each individual.

Having success without fulfilment is the worst kind of success. It’s to have it all and yet be missing something. And that’s when you start thinking “there’s got to be something wrong with ME!!”

I used to be depressed and stressed, quick to (over)react and easily frustrated. I was bored and unhappy with the life I was living, and I was hoping for more. More meaning. More joy. More freedom.

Since then I have learnt how to create more of it all in my own life, and through the work I do as a coach and teacher I’ve helped hundreds of people do the same.

Introducing my very first international workshop where I will help you discover your personal success and fulfillment, living life on your terms.

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