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Personal development doesn't have to be hard or expensive!

Sometimes you’re looking for support and you believe you’ve found what you need … only to realize that you can’t afford it. My service was founded on affordability and accessibility (I almost nearly won a startup grant based on this idea 7 years ago). And it is for this reason that I’ve always made it a point to be able to offer solutions that fits most wallet sizes. 

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Is a Life coaching bubble right for you?

Life coaching helps you work on any of the areas in your life where you feel the need for a change, or where change is happening. Either something new is happening to you, or something new is coming through you.

This is where you will work on both the being and the doing, shifting out of limiting beliefs and shifting into action. It’s an upgrade to the OS (operating system).

Joining, what I call, a “Coaching Bubble” or a Coaching Pod is not just an affordable way to get support, tools and coaching (priced at a fraction of my 1:1 fee), but it’s in some ways perhaps even more impactful, thanks to the fact that you’re also tapping into your bubble-friends’ diverse experiences and skills – multiplying the support and development!

Here’s what we can work on together…

Working with me, previous clients had results such as…

Life coaching is about self-reliance through...


The power of choice is what allows you to create whatever it is that you want, without having the past determine your future. You can finally break free and get more things done.


Whether it concerns you or other people’s opinions or actions, by understanding what truly is within your control and also your responsibility you are able to finally become free.


Having personal worth and being intentional with your contribution you are able to act with more certainty, confidence, compassion and experience higher levels of connection.

Here’s how it works…

You decide to join a coaching bubble for possibly two reasons, 1) you are looking for a more affordable way to receive support and coaching, without compromising too much on the intimacy and closeness that can only be achieved in a 1:1 container, and/or 2) you are looking to multiply the impact, support and transformation from working together with a life coach.

You are either joining with friends that you know and have organized to enter into a coaching bubble with, or you are open to joining a bubble making new friends in the process.

A bubble is no bigger than 3 people, and can at times be only two, not counting your coach Adam.

The work done in a coaching bubble usually lasts for about 3 months, with weekly/bi-weekly video calls, alternating the calls with your coach Adam and the accountability sessions with your bubble-friends.

Each coaching call together with Adam is about 90 minutes where deep coaching takes place, and in between the calls you have unlimited access to Adam via email and instant messaging.

Your situation might not be exactly the same as with your bubble-friends, which is completely fine and gives a richness to the experience. And through skillful coaching Adam will bring value to each member of the bubble regardless of your  personal area of focus.

Add your name to the coaching bubble list if you want to join a new bubble and get to know new friends. And if you already  have 1-2 friends ready to join your bubble, add all of your names.

Once you’re on the list I will reach out to you and set up a free video call for us to explore your situation and put a plan in place for the coaching and support to happen as soon as possible.

I am excited about getting to know you and exploring the wonderful things we can make happen together.

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Frequently asked questions

Your guide to common questions and answers about working together with Adam

Coaching takes the stance of seeing clients not as broken but as competent and capable individuals. If you have the openness and willingness to explore different perspectives and take action in the direction of your goals, then coaching could be a good fit.

These days, the question “HOW?” is no longer a valid concern, although it doesn’t prevent us from feeling paralyzed from not knowing how. The real question though is, “Am I willing?”. And if the answer to that question is YES, then you and I should have a conversation.

Clients work with coaches to set and reach goals in any area of their lives, including relationships, health, career, education, and more. We work on defining what success looks like to you, and create a plan for you to achieve it without having to sacrifice your work- life- or bank balance.

Often time and meaning are popular topics these days. You want time for what truly matters to you, you want more time for your family, for your passions and for yourself. And you want to have a sense of purpose, feeling that things matter. These are all important areas that together with a life coach can be worked on.

During our time together, you’ll have continuous and unlimited support and availability to me via email and instant messaging. In between our calls, we might decide on certain tasks for you to complete as part of your homework which is designed to help deepen your development.

Most of my coaching is bespoke and tailored specifically to the needs of my clients. That includes the length of our agreement, the frequency that we meet and even what goes into the coaching container in terms of topics and areas to work on.

Typically a coaching call will last for about 75 minutes, every second week. But this is changed to fit the container that we create for your individual situation.

Normally I work no less than three months with someone, and often much longer than that, in many cases we end up co-creating over several years. Not because someone is that broken or in desperate need of support, but rather, because a) there’s more value to be created still, and b) my services are priced relatively affordable.

Whatever we discuss is done so in confidentiality, and I would never share any details that could reveal your identity. Our relationship is a safe space to share anything and everything. You’ll receive NO judgement from me Also, I will never tag you online, link us or make any claims to us working together, without your consent.

My clients typically pay between $300-$750 per month. And this is also a good time to mention that the nature of the work I do with my clients is something that can’t be resolved simply by throwing money at it.

When you sign up to work with me that comes with a free account to my coaching platform, where you will have your own personal coaching program, which is where your documents, tasks and habits all live.

The platform allows us to track your progress and keep you accountable to the goals and actions that you undertake.

I take your trust in me seriously and if I ever say or do something that upsets you or doesn’t feel right and you bring it to my attention, I promise to make it right for you and do what is reasonably necessary to have you be satisfied.

The point of our relationship is not for me to tell you how or what to do, that’s just information. I focus on helping  you find your own path and your own solutions, creating a higher learning opportunity leading to sustainable change. That’s transformation not information.

I focus on the whole person, not the problem. Now, this tends to not just fix the problem but it also prevents similar problems from becoming problematic in the future. Also, when you upgrade the whole person, like when upgrading you smartphone’s OS, it fixes many more issues in plenty more areas. This is one of the things that I refer to when I talk about my coaching being efficient.
I also don’t believe that growth and development has to be hard. In fact, there’s a great body of work suggesting that small strategic steps forward done consistently over time is one of the best ways to get where you want to go.

And finally, when you change the way you see the world, your world will change. This is the power of shifting your beliefs and building mental fitness, which is always part of all the work I do with my clients.