Is it ok to be yourself?

You might have heard me talk about this before, when I mention the powerful documentary about Whitney Huston called Can I be ME, where at one point she’s asked by a reporter if it was success that destroyed her. Whitney Houston’s reply was such a powerful one. One that I have come to borrow and slightly modify to help explain how to live a happy and fulfilling life.

how to overcome your to-do list

Defining that outcome is going to help you feel completed and know that it’s truly done. It sets you up for success by defining what success looks like. Pick the top 2-3 tasks to complete, and define the outcome, work on them and do not allow any other task to be worked on until you’ve completed all three tasks. Once you’ve done that, you can add 1 or two more tasks in the same way as with the original 3 tasks. Handling my tasks in this manner really changes what I got done, and the experience I had while working on my task-list.

How to live a more fulfilling and happy life

Happiness and Success. Pursuing one can sometimes come at the cost of the other. Today I’m talking about the beginners guide to happiness – the one thing we ALL want.
There was a study done on happiness (one of many) that concluded that people tend to UNDERVALUE and underestimate happiness. In the study, people were given the question: If you had a genie who gave you three wishes, what would you wish for? People would ask for fame, they would ask for status, money, adventure, all kinds of things. And what seemed to be missing in all of those responses or wishes was the actual wish or request of being HAPPY.

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