Business Coaching

Bigger isn't always better. Better is better!

I help heart-centered coaches, leaders and small business owners improve their skills and increase their impact and income, so they can get paid doing what they love, without having to sacrifice their life- work- or bank balance.

Perhaps this is you right now …

  • … you’re a coach looking for more clients consistently (without using social media)
  • … you’re leader focused on motivating and improving your people, all the while retaining talent
  • … you’re an overwhelmed business owner, struggling with goals and priorities
  • … you’re a change maker wanting to lead your business’ Sustainable Development Goals – making a difference

How can coaching help you?

We don’t know what we don’t know. And with a coach you invest in expert clarity, accountability and someone who’s dedicated and loyal to your growth and performance. 

We can’t always see our own potential. It’s said, “we can’t read the label from inside the bottle.”

You’re in the right place if what you’re looking for is …

  • … growth and performance that’s efficient, fun and that sticks
  • … support, tools and accountability to improve your skills and achieve your goals
  • … confidential, professional and dedicated personal coaching
  • … an outside companion offering unbiased and fresh new thinking

Previous clients had results such as…

We can work on ...

Growth & Performance

Marketing, creating clients and increasing income.

You want growth in income, increase in impact and to feel inspired working in your business - without the hustle.

As an certified Humane Marketing & Business Coach and with my 16+ years coaching and teaching I help heart-centered coaches, healers and leaders get paid doing what they love, without using social media and without sacrificing their life- work- or bank balance.

I help you lead from a place of integrity guided by your values, so that you can create a lifestyle friendly business, making it an exciting source of personal growth and self-expression, without having to feel stressed out or burned out.

Structure & Results

Systems, scalability and more time freedom

You want to get paid doing what you enjoy doing, what you're good at, exercising your zone of genius - not being stuck in admin, back-office tasks, simply reacting on other people's agendas (aka emails).

You want your business to work for you not you working for the business...

As a certified Online Business Manager specialized in systems, automations and leadership I help you either set up the systems and operating procedures, or I offer ways to take some or all of it off your plate.

Here's how it works ...

We typically work together no less than 3 months, giving the transformation time and making sure it’s sustainable. 

We meet on a video call weekly or fortnightly based on what we agree is most valuable for your situation.

In between our sessions, you have unlimited access to my support via email or direct messages.

First, we get on a call and we explore your situation to see if and how I can be of service.

And if we’re a good fit, we’ll co-create the container that we believe will make help you achieve your goals.

I am excited to get to know you some more and for us to find out how I can be of service to you. 

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Frequently asked questions

If you’re looking for a series of how-to’s and straight up advice then my business coaching won’t be a good fit for you. My approach is that when you are coming from a place of clarity, passion and service you will make an impact. And that will help your business.

We will work on the whole of you and uplevel your way of thinking, being and doing in business AND, I do have experience in supporting a wide variety of small (and not so small) businesses which I draw from when helping you achieve your goals.

Working with me I can help you develop a clearer vision for your business, create a more focused and effective action plan, and overcome self-limiting beliefs, among other things;

  • Set and achieve goals
  • Overcome obstacles
  • Find new and innovative ways to improve your business
  • Develop and implement strategies
  • Stay motivated and focused
  • And much more!

During our time together, you’ll have continuous and unlimited support and availability to me via email and instant messaging. In between our calls, we might decide on certain tasks for you to complete as part of your homework which is designed to help deepen your development.

Most of my coaching is bespoke and tailored specifically to the needs of my clients. That includes the length of our agreement, the frequency that we meet and even what goes into the coaching container in terms of topics and areas to work on.

Typically a coaching call will last for about 75 minutes, every second week. But this is changed to fit the container that we create for your individual situation.

Normally I work no less than three months with someone, and often much longer than that, in many cases we end up co-creating over several years. Not because someone is that broken or in desperate need of support, but rather, because a) there’s more value to be created still, and b) my services are priced relatively affordable.

Whatever we discuss is done so in confidentiality, and I would never share any details that could reveal your identity. Our relationship is a safe space to share anything and everything. You’ll receive NO judgement from me Also, I will never tag you online, link us or make any claims to us working together, without your consent.

My clients typically pay between $300-$750 per month. And this is also a good time to mention that the nature of the work I do with my clients is something that can’t be resolved simply by throwing money at it.

When you sign up to work with me that comes with a free account to my coaching platform, where you will have your own personal coaching program, which is where your documents, tasks and habits all live.

The platform allows us to track your progress and keep you accountable to the goals and actions that you undertake.

I take your trust in me seriously and if I ever say or do something that upsets you or doesn’t feel right and you bring it to my attention, I promise to make it right for you and do what is reasonably necessary to have you be satisfied.

The point of our relationship is not for me to tell you how or what to do, that’s just information. I focus on helping  you find your own path and your own solutions, creating a higher learning opportunity leading to sustainable change. That’s transformation not information.

Much of what I coach around, and based on my personal and professional experience, is that as long as we can make a big enough difference in someone’s life or business, there’s a way for us to make a good living. What I aim for is to make an impact, to make a difference.

Put in a different way, borrowing the words of Steve Martin, “Be so good they can’t ignore you.”, is a valid growth strategy. I’ve been in business for close to eight year and my business is built on 100% word of mouth referrals. This is by design and can be repeated and replicated for anyone looking to do more of what they enjoy and make a difference in the world – I can help you figure it out.

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