Be free by letting go of the story

Most of what we think we are is actually made up of stories. Stories we keep telling ourselves and others, about who we are, based on what’s happened in the past, or we hope will happen in the future.

And the truth is, they’re still stories. 

From one coach to the other, I once heard Steve Hardison, who has been said to be the ultimate coach, say, “if you want to produce, create the story and if you want to be free, drop the story.” 

Now, I’m convinced that what can hold us back is merely our stories. 

Nothing else. 

It can sound something like;

 I don’t know how. 

I’m not good enough. 

What if he says, no? 

What if I run out of money, 

Who am I to be doing this? 

These are some very common stories that appear for me from time to time, but that’s  all they are:


These stories SEEM real. They can make me scared, worried, doubtful, or sad, but they’re just stories.

They can’t actually do anything. They simply come alive in my mind, kept around by my thinking. 

So whenever you want to make something happen in your world. Or you want something to change, or you want to achieve something. 

Focus on CREATING the story rather than letting the story hold you back. 

Don’t let an old story from the past determine who you can be and what you can create in THIS moment right now. 

Instead, speak it out, and create the very thing you want, speak out what you want to create. 

Then take the immediate next step. 

Your past might influence who you are, but it doesn’t have to determine who you become.

 And here’s the kicker; if you want to be free, drop the story altogether.

Who would you be without the story? 

If you were free to do or create anything you wanted, what would you do? 

Do you see how freeing it is to leave the story behind, to drop it and not allow it to determine who you become? 

What story are you keeping around, which prevents you from living life on your terms?

What are you willing to create or DROP to move forward?

Please share your story below. I’d love to hear it.

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