On this episode of Inside The Comfort Zone With Adam Kawalec, we explore the importance of having solid values, effective communication, trust, and unconditional acceptance in building strong relationships. Adam shares a conversation with a former student on how expectations, impatience, and misunderstandings can hinder building a relationship in the beginning phases. We also learn about Adam's own experience meeting his partner through a dating app, and how their shared values helped them build a successful relationship despite occasional disagreements. You'll also learn about common pitfalls to avoid, including "wokefishing" and projecting expectations onto potential partners. Adam offers advice on how to ask better questions, be patient, and take a genuine interest in others to foster stronger connections.

"It's not necessary to have agreement on all things that are important to you or on the things you value in order for a relationship to be successful. It's about the ability to communicate and navigate disagreements in a healthy and respectful manner." — Adam Kawalec

[00:00:00] Where are you meeting people to date, online or offline?

[00:05:23] Unfair dating expectations, social media facades, and wokefishing in modern dating culture.

[00:09:52] Questions to gauge genuine interest in a social cause; communication is key in successful relationships whether personal or at work. Overlap in values should be at least 70%.

[00:11:45] Take time and have patience to allow people to show who they are; build healthy relationships by trusting shared values and communicating disagreements, as it takes time to develop.

[00:14:50] Connect with me for feedback, questions, or if you want to continue the conversation via WhatsApp or email. Follow and rate Inside the Comfort Zone on Spotify, share it with others, and subscribe for future episodes.

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