[insider] Manifesto

Please accept this invitation to become an [insider] and learn more about what we aspire to embody. When you grow tired of the hustle and bustle, cutthroat, competitive fear driven world, where time-money-freedom scarcity is a common reality for so many of us, become an insider and join the [insider] community. Let this document act […]

Meredith Bell – Strong For Performance Podcast

What if there were a simpler, easier way to acquire new clients? My guest Adam Kawalec is a Life and Leadership Coach whose approach results in 83% of his potential clients saying YES. These days, he invests no money in marketing his services. Instead, he asks for and receives referrals on a continuous basis due […]

AMENA KAY – Message of Hope

EP 22 SEARCHING FOR BALANCE ”MESSAGE OF HOPE” W/ ADAM KAWALEC A STRUGGLE TO SUCCESS STORY HOSTED BY AMENA KAY Hope, a feeling that is wanted, the knowledge given to oneself that outcomes will work out for the best. Hope, having the confidence and desire for a future happiness. Hope, putting the difficulties of yesterday […]

How to gain respect

How to gain respect - Adam Kawalec | Life Coach

Podcast version Transcript Sometimes we have to give the very thing we want to receive. Now that sounds like a fortune cookie. And maybe I actually got it from one. But that’s besides the point. I truly believe this when it comes to love as well, or kindness or similar. The very thing you want. […]

Letting go of control

Letting Go Of Control - Adam Kawalec | Life Coach

Podcast Version Transcript Being controlling, or a control freak. I had this conversation very, very recently with one of my clients, where we explored the need for control. And so as he was saying, “you know, I am a bit of a control freak, I need to control things”. And in this case, we were […]

Is it ok to be yourself?

You might have heard me talk about this before, when I mention the powerful documentary about Whitney Huston called Can I be ME, where at one point she’s asked by a reporter if it was success that destroyed her. Whitney Houston’s reply was such a powerful one. One that I have come to borrow and slightly modify to help explain how to live a happy and fulfilling life.