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Hope, a feeling that is wanted, the knowledge given to oneself that outcomes will work out for the best. Hope, having the confidence and desire for a future happiness. Hope, putting the difficulties of yesterday and today behind one-self to move forward.

????”Message of Hope” is REAL Stories from REAL People Sharing Struggle to Success Stories

These “Message of Hope” Stories are told by real people, that wish to give more hope to the world with their Struggle to Success story. Each hope message is filmed LIVE, with behind the scenes coverage. The hope stories are a conversation between guest and host Amena Kay Thornton (AmenaKay.com), her audience on her podcast One Up Podcast, Amena.FM, and her media company Amena.Media.

The Message of Hope Series was developed by Amena Kay in 2020 during the riots, and outbreaks of the worldwide corona virus, during a time that many people where loss, seeking hope. Amena had an idea given to her from the universe and took quick action to bring people together to tell their stories of struggle to success, to give HOPE to others that may be walking the same path right now that are feeling alone.

????”Message of Hope” Needs Your Support by Sharing These Struggle to Success Stories

I, Amena Kay, ask you the reader to please share this message of hope with your network, loved ones, and friends. There are many silent struggles all around us, in fact you may be one. I was one of these stories. I am blessed to hear the struggle to success stories often from my guest on “Message of Hope”, and know that we can all do are small part by listening to others and sharing their knowledge given in each hope message. The links to SHARE are under the video above (Amena.Media), on the podcast broadcast (Amena.FM), and even on Facebook at Message of Hope Page.

Thank You, Many Blessings for You and Your own Message of Hope story. May your struggle be a success!

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