Meet Adam an expert coach

A former top-level manager turned Life Coach. Co-founder and teacher of one of Sweden’s most modern Personal Trainer schools, influencing thousands of Swedes to improve their health and well-being.

I used to be overweight over-worked and over-stressed, lacking any real connection and healthy relationships, feeling tired and depressed. That was before I decided to stop struggle to survive and starts living to thrive. My life transformed. Not over night. Although some things did shift from one moment to the other. 

And through the work I have been doing for 5+ years coaching, teaching and helping people, I’ve seen what is possible when we are WILLING.

I coach people 1-on-1 or in groups, typically busy freelancers, entrepreneurs and small business owners wanting not just success in business but in life as well – achieving both their financial and lifestyle goals. I also run workshops and courses for individuals and groups.

I believe that having success without fulfillment is the worst kind of success, to have it ALL and still be missing something. I help people achieve success THROUGH fulfillment.

I use my superpower/potential of bringing clarity and simplicity to otherwise complicated and confusing ideas and understandings, and I help evoke the innate confidence in the people I meet. I put these powers to use in all of my coaching, training, speaking and workshops to help people open their minds, transform their lives and businesses.

After pursuing and achieving a rocket career in the corporate world of leadership and organizational development, I left to launch my own coaching business with the intention to help and serve people on a much deeper level. When working with me, I bring all my knowledge and experience from my time as a top level manager, trainer and entrepreneur helping hundreds of people to change, combined with all the years of personal transformation and development from hundreds of books, courses and working with my own coaches.

I’ve transformed from being an overweight, overworked and overstressed people pleasing overachiever, into a present, self-empowered happy individual with healthy habits and relationships (with both myself and others). This was all done by realizing the CHOICE, understanding that only few things matter in life, and then practicing self-leadership and committing to make the change.

My mission

My mission is to end suffering. By helping create balance and having people see what truly is and connecting with their most essential self.

The range of services, trainings and products that I have created and provided are plenty. To mention just a few, I’ve held talks on topics like Self-leadership, Healthy & Sustainable Change, Stress, Pressure Performance, Service Based Client Creation. I’ve hosted trainings and workshops in Health & Fitness, Positive Habits & Motivation. I co-founded one of Sweden’s most modern Personal Trainer Schools. I offer personal one-on-one coaching and group coaching programs.

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