Don’t get out of your comfort zone

Change is hard. Change is scary. And growth lies outside your comfort zone. 

Unless you are willing to suffer a little (or a lot), you’re not going to get the change you want.

This is a common message out there. Especially in the industry of self-improvement.

And what I’d like to talk about is the fact that you DON’T need to leave your comfort zone in order to grow. 

You simply need to do something you are not doing, if you want something you don’t have. 

AND, It doesn’t have to be UNCOMFORTABLE.

I’m going to show you one skill set and one mindset to help you REMAIN in your comfort zone while STILL experiencing transformational growth BECAUSE you feel safe, strong, and playful.

First I want to define what the comfort zone means.

To me, it is about safety, security, and certainty… 

It is to feel safe. 

Well, What makes me feel unsafe? 


And to that, I say; we only fear what we don’t know.

So make the unknown known. This way, you make the situation about rationality—a pros and cons kind of a thing.

If you know that certain death awaits behind door number one and absolute freedom awaits behind door number 2, it becomes a matter of logic and rational. 

Fear is no longer an issue. 

Now, NOT knowing which door leads to death and which one leads to freedom creates fear. Correct? 

So research, take strategic steps, so small that you can’t fail and do that over time, and you will experience BIG change.

There’s no need to leave your comfort zone, your zone of safety. 

I would argue that it might be detrimental and destructive for you to step out of your safety zone and try something from there when you are more likely to be more playful, curious, joyful when INSIDE your comfort zone. 

All of those feelings are way more powerful and sustainable when it comes to taking action and creating growth.

I’m suggesting that instead of making growth something scary or fearful, make it exciting and desirable.

One fundamental skill that I want everyone to learn is the power of self-competence.

Self-competence is something we all have. We were born with it. But some of us (perhaps the majority of us) lose our trust in it.

The two things that play the most significant role when it comes to successfully making any change is;

  1. Willingness.
  2. The ability to…

Not believing you are able, will hold you back more than anything else.

Self-competence is the ability to handle anything by figure anything out. 

Trusting your ability to handle anything that comes your way. 

If you don’t know what to do, then trust your ability to figure it out. To learn and to improve so that you CAN handle the situation. As long as there’s a breath in your body, there’s a way for you to move forward. 

Trusting that all you need you already have will minimize all the worry and fear you might experience. Without this fundamental skill, few tactics or tricks will work.

You don’t need to leave your comfort zone in order to create growth.

You CAN experience growth by staying IN your comfort zone, and if you ever want something you don’t have, be willing to do something you’re not doing, and make it exciting and have it come from a place of love and trust in your own ability to figure it out.

Let me know if this resonated with you. And please share what change you want to create in your life right now!

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