Money doesn’t change people, it just makes us more of who we are. If you’re a unhappy, greedy miserable person today, and suddenly tomorrow you have more money, you’re simply going to have more money to be unhappy, greedy and miserable with. You’ll most likely spend the money doing things that un unhappy, greedy and miserable person would spend money on. If you on the other hand is a happy, content and caring person and suddenly you have more money, well, you’re most likely going to spend that money doing things a happy, content and caring person would spend money doing.

Here’s the thing: Money is a means goal. Not the end goal. It’s a means to what we want. When we confuse the two it’s easy to get lost. Thinking that money will make all the difference.

When we purchase anything, we’re not really buying the thing, we’re buying the idea of the thing, the idea of who we think we’d become by owning it. THAT’S what we want, and the money is simply the means goals to get us there.

Now, if you followed me for some time, you know that I am a great believer of all you need you already have; your resourcefulness rather than your resources.

Money is an amplifier. It amplifies what’s already there.

Nothing in this world has a value that you haven’t given it. And all you need you already have.