Here’s something that I wholeheartedly believe in; the fundamental human motivation is away from pain and towards pleasure. 

In short, we all just want to feel better.

Everything we do; we do it for THATreason.

When I started to see this for myself, the way I saw the world changed, and my world changed.

When you help someone change the way they see the world, their world too will change. 

This is what happened for me.

I showed up differently.

Not just for others, but most importantly for myself.

 I no longer judged people in the same way I normally would because I could see that we are all the same. 

We all want the same thing… TO BE HAPPY.

When someone does something that doesn’t make sense to YOU, see that it does make sense to that person. 

Yes, they might end up regretting it, but in the moment of action they are convinced that this will move them away from discomfort and towards comfort. 

So please, be kind, be compassionate and seek to understand.

Because, we all just want the same thing; to feel better.