The Importance of Self-care

I have a concept that I wanted to share with you today.

It probably has been the most impactful concept that I have ever learned for myself. 

Ever since I figured this out, I haven’t been able to keep my mouth shut about it. 

I’ll explain it by using a symbol, let’s say,  a glass of water. 

The glass of water represents me, my energy, my joy, and my happiness. 

And here’s the thing. 

Every time I give away some of my time, energy or attention, I’m emptying a little bit of what’s in the glass.  

As I keep on doing this, every time I give something away, every time I give something to anyone else; my time, energy and attention …

It keeps emptying the glass. 

So now I’m down to about 70% full. I now have about 70% of capacity to give to others.

Now, if I keep on emptying the glass,  at one point, it’s going to be half full or even less. 

So, at this point, being half full, or less, if I ever needed to muster up more than what I have in my glass, I wouldn’t be able to give more than whatever is left. Right? 

Now, imagine that I’m down to almost empty, it would be extremely hard for me to give more than I have. 

This used to be me and my operating system – I used to give away more than I had and I felt more than depleted – I was completely spent. 

And then I would need a break. I’d retreat. I’d take some time for myself. In doing so, I would fill back up again.

I’d feel good. I’d feel great. I’d be happy again. 

Only to go back to doing it all over again. You see, people need what I have, so I must give away my time, energy and attention. 

And all of a sudden I’m kind of back where I was; empty, depleted, spent and lost.

So again, I need to retreat, hide away to recharge and come back strong again.

And the vicious cycle would repeat itself.

No more though. Here’s what I suggest instead:

Fill your glass. 

keep filling it…

then some more…

Keep filling it, until it overflows. 

Allow it to keep overflowing.

Then,  what I give away is from the OVERFLOW. So now,  I can give it away freely.

I will keep filling the glass, so it NEVER empties. 

What flows over the edges, that’s what I’ll give to anyone, FREELY. 

That way, my energy stays constant. 

I don’t have to feel depleted, empty, or need a moment where I need to go away to recharge.

I believe life is really about figuring out what fills our glasses; what fills us; what makes us come alive; what lights us up.

When you figure that out, you start filling your glass and rather than stopping when you’ve filled it to the top, limiting your energy, joy and happiness, you KEEP filling it until it flows over … Maximising your time, energy and attention. 

So figure out what that flow is for you. Figure out what’s good for you, what makes you come alive. And what lights you up.

Make sure that flow flows continuously. That it is a constant presence in your life. 

Now, if you don’t know what fills your glass. If you don’t know what lights you up and what makes you come alive, well, then THAT becomes your mission. That becomes your adventure. 

Go on that adventure, and figure it out. 

Not knowing what fills your glass isn’t an excuse to NOT fill it – it’s the INVITATION to find out!

And when you find it, KEEP filling your glass. 

Because in my experience, when your glass is overflowing, you are going to have so much more to give. 

So, what is it that you could do today that would help you turn on the faucet of ideas and inspiration and will keep the flow flowing? What’s that one thing you could start doing today?

 I’m challenging you to start doing it, because the world needs you. The world needs you and everybody else to come alive. To start sharing your uniqueness, your gifts, your joy, your presence, and your attention. 

And this is the way you get to do it, by filling your glass and keep filling it.

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