Listen to your heart

I heard the legendary motivational speaker and author Les Brown speak on a private Facebook Live the other day.

Les said something really beautiful; “When there’s a battle between your mind and your heart, you have to follow your heart. Because in your heart, there your treasure is also”.

I shared that, together with one of my own sayings  in a post, and I received a lot of great responses on it. 

So, I wanted to share a powerful exercise to help connect to the heart.

The exercise is completely borrowed from Kyle Cease, another great speaker, author and spiritual leader out there, PLUS he used to be a comedian which makes his messages not just powerful but hilarious as well! (check him out).

The exercise I will be sharing with you is designed to help reconnect to your heart’s desire despite what your mind says. 

Actually, what you will see is that what the mind says will act as the very reason for you to follow your heart.


Get a piece of paper and a pen.

And please do make this an analog activity, avoid using your computer, tablet or even smartphone… 

Go old school with this one, trust me 😉

Okay, here’s what you do next.

Draw a line in the middle from top to bottom, creating two sides of the paper. 

On the left side, I want you to list ALL the things you’d love to do. Things your heart longs to do or things you desire to do.

Your mind might say, “yeah, but I can’t, BECAUSE…”

Ignore that for now. 

We’ll get to list all the reasons why you “can’t” on the other side of the paper later. So for now, just focus on what you want.

When you are done. Move over to the other side (the right side), and looking at the left side, start listing all the reasons why you CAN’T do it. 

When done, I want you to carefully listen to me now. Looking at the left side, glance over to the right side to see what the reason for NOT doing it is. 

I want you to see how the reason for NOT doing it is actually the very reason that you HAVE TO do it! 

You can see this byFLIPPING IT or turning the excuse upside down.

I’ll give you a few examples…

“I’d love to parachute out of an airplane. But I’m too scared!”

Well, the REASON you should parachute out of an airplane is so that you can overcome that fear!

“I’d love to write a book but I don’t know what to write”. 

The REASON you have to write that book is so that you can figure out what to write about!

“I’d love to start my own business. But I don’t have the money”. 

Can you see that starting your business is the perfect way to generate the money you need, so that you don’t have to feel broke again.

Please try this for yourself. Sometimes it’s even more powerful when you write it down as a statement, as a declaration for yourself.

The last thing I want you to take from this is; any time you feel stuck in your mind, go to your left side list, and do something from the list! 

Even if it’s something small, just do something, take action towards completing something from the left side, and see how you suddenly drop back down into your heart. Instead of being stuck in your head and mind.

When there’s a battle between your mind and your heart, you have to follow your heart. Because in your heart, there your treasure is also.

I invite you to see this for yourself and to rediscover your treasure within, and to start sharing it with the world.

What are some things on your left side, on your heart’s list? 

I’d love to know your thoughts in the comments below.

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