Why you should be bored

Are you afraid of being bored? Some of us will do anything to get out of a boring situation.

And here I am inviting you to dare to BE bored. Let me share my personal experience with being bored.

In being bored I will be creative, and will create rather than catch up. 

Let me explain. 

Being busy or distracted so much so that there’s a constant feeling of needing to catch up or always being out of time,  is seldom a place where creativity and a state of flow lives.

Sure, necessity can be the mother of inventions, and the state of flow requires a certain level of challenge. AND I’d like to argue that too much pressure can halter the flow of creativity.

The formula for performance is: STRESS + RECOVERY = PERFORMANCE

The key being that BOTH are needed.

This is true in the physical world of growing muscles, as well as in the psychological world and even in the intellectual world when growing your knowledge:

You can study hard. And in order to retain the information and to convert it into practical knowledge some recovery and distance is needed.

This is similar to the phenomenon that  NASA discovered when it came to problem solving among their staff. Which made them observe the 3 B’s at work, being the place and time which ideas and creative solutions often would appear;


The reason for this, is that those are places where we tend to be completely disengaged with the activity of working hard and trying to solve complicated things. And THAT’S when it hits us! BECAUSE we took a step back. Because we slowed down. Recovered. And possibly even got bored.

And One of my clients, after doing some work around this, had a great addition to the 3 B’s; beaches, actually making it the 4 B’s.

So this is why I go for being bored. And to be honest, I never am. Creativity tends to find my as soon as boredom settles in, and away I go…

Wherein YOUR life could you benefit to slow it down a bit, take a step back, and recover, making room for growth and development..? What have you been pushing and forcing and could now ease off of for a bit?

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