The trick is to understand what truly is for you. you need the wisdom to understand the difference between something that feels good for the moments in the short run, but is costly in the long run.and there is a difference between something that might feel good it might feel bad in the short run but it’s actually good for you in the long run and four others as well. Now, how would you know?

Here’s three ways to figure it out:

First of all, ask yourself does it feel light or does it feel heavy?

Second of all is it aligning with your overall goals and desires?

And finally, would you be willing to pay for this experience, and how much?

  1. Does it bring you more aligned with your values?
  2. Are you doing it in order to _____________ ? Than perhaps it’s not the right thing for you.
  3. Does someone have to convince you to do otherwise? If yes, it’s for You.
  4. Where is the decision coming from? Head or heart? Are you needing to justify or reason for yourself?