To all us workaholics out there… We work hard, believing that we can control the outcome. We do what we do because it feels good to be able to control what happens. It brings order. Logic. Peace of mind. It creates recognition. Validation. Self-worth.

But here’s the truth that we refuse to see. The truth that we ignore so that we can keep some illusion of control and influence over what happens to us; We can’t control the outcome… We can only control the work we DO, not what happens once we’re done.

I’ve found that every time I am trying to control what I can’t, I get anxious and all caught up in it. I am being too attached to the outcome. An outcome I can’t control!

But when I focus on the thing that I CAN control, I feel empowered. Energized. Confident.

I’m saying, work hard, and let go of the outcome. Trust what you do. Evaluate the result, adjust, tweak and adapt accordingly. But please, enjoy what you do. And how you get to do that, is by not thinking that you can control what happens outside of what is in your control.

It’s not what happens TO you that define you, it’s how you RESPOND to what ever happens to you that define you.

What are you struggling to let go control of? Let me know in the comments.