I bet you are being productive, getting lots of things done – or so you think you are … Here’s the unspoken truth about productivity:

Lately I have been waking up at 5.30 in the morning. I do this for several reasons. One of them being that I enjoy getting up before the sun rise, another reason is that I can get in some SUPER productive hours BEFORE anyone wakes up, and start “interfering” with my agenda.

Getting work done isn’t just about being busy, it’s about getting the right work done – it’s about getting GREAT work done.

Look here, if you work 1 hour, and get out 1 hour’s worth of work, that’s an 1:1 ratio. That’s not necessarily being productive or efficient. I’d argue that when you put in 1 hours work and get out 2 hour’s worth, or even 1.5h worth of work, THAT’S being productive and efficient.

So I sometimes talk about finding your PLP (productivity leverage point) in order to capitalize on the time you put in VS the results you get out.

Back to my morning routine; when getting in 30-60 minutes in in the morning before anyone else had had the time to wake up and get to work, I am getting work done uninterrupted. I am owning my OWN agenda, not REACTING on someone else’s agenda; answering their emails, replying to their messages, sending over the info requested etc …

THAT is me being productive. Me finding and working my PLP, creating a 1:2 ratio getting more out than what I am putting in – now I’m doing GREAT work, not just busy work.

What’s your PLP? What can you do right now to maximize your output without maxing out your input? Let me know in the comments.