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Coaching, training & workshops

1:1 Coaching

Part of the package:

  • – 6×90 minutes sessions every second week
  • – 3-6 months of coaching, with unlimited access to me
  • – Personalized homework to support your development
  • – An accountability partner who will help keep you on track
  • – 100% truths and honesty and of course complete confidentiality
  • – A service completely tailored after YOUR agenda and your goals

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Couples Coaching

What you can expect:

  • – Discover how a relationship can outlast any challenge or obstacle
  • – Re-introduce joy and easiness into your relationship
  • – Learn how to create a strong connection even during stressful and challenging times
  • – See how you can make your relationship empower you rather then draining you

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Relationships Coaching

Launch Your Biz!

After the 6 weeks you will…

  • – Have all the systems you need in place in order to build and launch a business that is tailored to your goals and dreams, knowing who you serve and how you help them.
  • – Have a simple framework for creating a business that stands out and attract customers, which is built on your uniqueness making it feel easier and more FUN.
  • – Understand how to scale your business and how to work ON the business rather than being stuck IN the business trying to catch up.
  • – Have created a 90 day market and growth plan ready to be plugged in to your unique business.

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Transformation on demand

We All Want The Same Thing

WE ALL WANT THE SAME THING. The fundamental human motivation is away from pain and towards pleasure. In short, we all just want to feel better. Everything we do we do it for that reason. We all want the same thing, to be happy.


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