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Adam use his superpower of bringing clarity and simplicity to otherwise complicated and confusing ideas and understandings, and he help evoke the innate confidence in the people that he meet. Adam put these powers to use in all of his coaching, training, speaking and workshops to help people open their minds and to transform their lives and businesses.

Adam transformed from being an overweight, overworked and overstressed people-pleasing overachiever, into a present, self-empowered happy individual with healthy habits and relationships (with both himself and others). This was all done by realizing the CHOICE, understanding that only few things matter in life, and then practicing self-leadership and committing to make the change.

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Visit my blog to watch, listen or read about ideas, topics and tips that I have created to help you navigate life with more purpose, presence and personal power!

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Private 1:1 coaching for aspiring coaches, personal trainers and consultants. Launch an online business and turn your passion into profit in only 10 weeks.

more joy, freedom & meaning

Private 1:1 Life Coaching that creates more joy, freedom and meaning in your life through my unique coaching model increasing your Purpose, Presence and Personal Power.

Must Watch

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